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Have Smartphone? Take Notes?

They have a great logo too!

Use SpringPad!

I’ve used Evernote for a long time. And don’t get me wrong, Evernote is a fantastic application! The desktop app is incredibly fun to use, BUT you can’t edit notes on your mobile device! You can only create new notes and view already created notes!

SpringPad on the other hand, doesn’t have a desktop app. You login to your account on SpringPad’s website and use the web app. Yeah, I like the finesse and power that a desktop app gives you, but I’d much rather be able to have full control over my notes on my phone.

SpringPad supports all sorts of note types: Text, Pictures, Audio. SpringPad also has preset categories: Recipes, restaurants, check lists, shopping lists, packing lists. So let’s say I’ve found a recipe on allrecipes and I want to remember it later. I simply go to SpringPad and create a new recipe note. I paste the URL from allrecipes into the note field and it pulls in the Recipe and even sets the icon to be a picture of the food! (Just a note though, when I did this it pulled the ingredients in, not the instructions. Still cool though)

So pretty....

Another reviewer of SpringPad said, “If Evernote is a super advanced filing cabinet, Springpad is a super advanced personal assistant.” and I couldn’t agree more with that statement.