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Latest obsession. Podcasts.

For my first post I thought I’d write about some of my recent podcast finds. Most of these are tech related, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

To start off I’ll talk about the one non-tech podcast which was introduced to me by Sarah.

Geek Loves Nerd is a podcast about a husband (the geek) and wife (the nerd) talking about things in their lives that they love. They are a great Christian family, and they’re not afraid to talk about their faith (which is awesome). That being said, I find their intro music makes me want to fill my ears with peanut butter and the cover them with duct tape! HOWEVER! (I can’t stress this “however” enough) they are changing the format of their show. They’re even changing the name of the podcast! They are now calling the podcast “Explicit Answers” and they’re going to focus on answering viewer questions. I’m very intrigued by this and can’t wait to see how it goes. Geek Loves Nerd/Explicit Answers is a part of a larger network of podcast called NLCast, though I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the others.

Next up on the list is Buzz Out Loud. BOL is a CNET podcast featuring Molly Wood who is known for her heated rants in regards to tech companies doing stupid things (they usually involve Apple). The other hosts are equally as entertaining, but Molly is clearly my favorite. It’s just funny to me to listen to a young mother talk about tech stuff… and know what she’s talking about really well! BOL is also very viewer oriented. They stream the show live while recording it and interact with the viewers in the chat room. They also answer voice mails and emails at the end of their shows.

Next up is Twit. Twit is actually a posting network named after its flagship show, This Week In Tech. Twit was started by tech legend Leo Reported whom I have been watching since the Tech TV days (rip Tech TV, rip…. sniff). Twit has a very large assortment of shows, most of which follow the “This Week In _____” formula. Most shows involve Leo or another host sitting at the main desk (on an exercise ball/chair/thing) and discussing topics via Skype video chat with other tech people. Leo defines the word geek, and that’s why I love him. Twit is truly the first online television network because it is broadcasting shows (live or syndication) 24/7. It’s an awesome thing to know I can go to and have something needy to watch (I’ll even watch a show multiple times!)

Other honorable mentions…
Diggnation (In quickly growing tired of the fowl language though)
Totally Rad Show (I generally only watch when they review something I like)
Scam School (sweet magic tricks)

Blast from the past…
Ask A Ninja (are they even still making this show? It was hilarious!  …  Okay, apparently Ask A Ninja IS still around!  YAY!)