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I Miss The Olympics

Every time I watch the Olympics I think, “Man, there’s never gonna be someone like Apolo Ohno (or whoever) again!”  But I’m proven wrong every time!

Anyways, this song was on a commercial which featured Apolo Ohno… I don’t remember who the commercial was for, but the music was AWESOME!

I stumbled upon the song the other day, so I decided to share.


Stuck In My Head: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Yup.  That’s right.  I’ve got Sir Elton John on the brain.  However, I’m not really sure whether it’s really the Elton John version or the amazing Keane remake.  We’ll go with the Keane one.

Day 1: Favorite Song

Well, thanks to a friend inspiring myself and a few others (who can all be found in the “links” section on the right side) we are starting a new blogging regiment. A specific topic every day for 30 days. We’ll see how this goes.

I decided for this post I was going to be completely honest with myself and rely on to show me what my favorite song for the last 6 months has been. When I saw it was Fireflies by Owl City, I thought was broken. So I changed it to show 3 months.  Much to my surprise Fireflies was still at the top.  To add insult to injury Hello Seattle was in 2nd place.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like Owl City… but I wouldn’t have thought he would have penetrated my charts like that!

Fireflies is easily his worst song on the album.  Which speaks volumes for how good the other songs are.  Let’s face it, the dude can sing AND he knows how to use an autotune.  Oh, and he’s a beast at keyboards.

As an added bonus, this song has Relient K’s singer doing the bgv’s.

Oh, I feel like I should add that this is one of my wife’s least favorite songs/artists.  Right behind Mika and Cowboy Troy.