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Day 2: Favorite Movie

Unfortunately there is no for movies. If there were, mine and my wife’s top movies would be Harry Potter. Not because they are our favorite movies of all time, but because they are one of the few movies we can agree on to watch.

However, this post is about me, not me and my wife. 😉

Like everyone else, I have a hard time deciding on a single movie. So I’m going to choose a few that belong to different categories.

Favorite “New/Popular” Movie: The Dark Knight.
At risk of sounding like I drank the koolaid, Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight was the best thing ever. It made up for Christian Bale’s atrocious Batman voice and the fairytale science behind getting a thumbprint from a bullet hole.

Favorite Geek Movie: Office Space.
This would be Serenity, but tomorrow I’m going to talk about Briefly. Office Space is a movie that I really didn’t get until I actually worked in an office. As vulgar as it is, its still one of my all time favorites.

Favorite Chick-Flick: Return To Me.
Somehow this movie manages to be awesome despite being poorly directed by Bonnie Hunt. This is one of the easiest chick-flicks for a guy to sit through.