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Kyle’s Daily Bread

And by “daily bread” I mean a list of webistes I go to every single day and/or couldn’t live without!  Some of these I’ll probably go into more detail with in the future, or I’ll mention them from time to time.

Gmail – An obvious choice, but it must be said…  Gmail is the single greatest thing to happen to email since the invention of the blind carbon copy! (which more people need to learn how to use)

Woot – Woot is an awesome place where awesome things happen!  Basically they have one (sometimes) outrageous deal on their website!  Anything from a Roomba to an iPod, or even BBQ skewers can go on sale at Woot.

Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day – This is the musicians equivalent to Woot.  I once bought a microphone, microphone cable and boom stand for $12!

Grooveshark – I remember when I found out about Pandora… it was the coolest thing ever.  Then I realized that it was the “Charlie the Unircorn” to the “Homestar Runner” known as Grooveshark.  Pick the music you want to play.  What a novel idea!

Digg – Best site for news and stuff that’s going viral.  Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise!  Digg version 4 is coming out soon… I’m so excited!

Lifehacker – Awesome site for tips about… well… anything!  Want to know how to turn a stack of sticky notes into a USB flash drive?  Lifehacker’s probably* got it!  Want to know the best sites to find pictures of squirrels riding roller coasters?  Lifehacker’s probably* got it! – A website and application to download.  Basically it tracks everything you listen to so you can see statistics and charts of your listening habits.  I can even go back to what I listened to on a particular day 2 or 3 years ago!

*The licklyhood of Lifehacker actually containing such information is extremely low**.

**And by low, I mean zero.