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Yamaka. A funny word that really doesn’t look right no matter how you spell it.

Ok, so a friend of mine told me a story today that is too good not to share!

Kristina and her friend were staying in a hotel while out of town for the weekend. One night there was a Jewish wedding reception being held at the hotel. With nothing to do she and her friend decided to go take a peek and look in the reception. Peeking turned into innocently walking through the ball room. This of course led to them deciding to try some of the food, which of course led to them eating some cake. Suddenly they were a part of the reception! Taking pictures with people who thought they belonged while eating wedding cake made for someone they didn’t even know. They even decided to put on the neat little hats that were on the tables as “party-favors”. This is what gave them away at first I’m sure (seeing as only men wear yamaka’s… but they didn’t know that). But it wasn’t until they started asking all of the married Jewish men to dance that they were politely asked to leave. Probably by the wife of one of the men they so generously offered to do the Electric Slide with.



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