Lane's are People Places and Things.

Day 12: 10 Random Thoughts

1:   Skype is dead to me.  Fring was my one way to do video chat with normal* people on my phone and Skype has now blocked Fring from utilizing Skype.  😛 on them!

2:  See yesterdays terrible audio post.

3:  That gooey stuff that’s in 3 Musketeer’s and Milky Way’s is crap.  Bleh!

4:  This is an awesome website!

5:  This is my favorite post on said website.

6:  I made said website.  😉

7:  This is currently my favorite song.  (Katie, you’ll love it)

8:  While cleaning out the pavilion at church last night, someone’s phone started ringing.  It was Lady Gaga.  I wanted to pull my hair out.

9:  I’m really excited about one day getting an Android based tablet.  I’ve grown to love the Android OS so much!  Sorry iPhoney’s… iPhone is teh suck.

10:  I say that, but I really did and do love my iPhone.  The thing is… I just installed an app that I emailed to myself! Yes, you heard that right!  I emailed the app installer to myself, downloaded it, and installed it!  E-P-I-C!

*I could still video chat with people who use Qik (or possibly other software I don’t have).  But I don’t know a single other person who uses Qik… or even has a phone that can run Qik!**

**I love using these little afterthought thingy’s!


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